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We all know about the photo that appeared in Milan in recent days: perhaps the advertisement for a new Netflix program entitled "A simple question". 
Frankly, I'm not very interested in why this sign was posted, but  immediately I thought of Daniel Kahneman and the substitution of the target question, the question  on which you intend to formulate a judgment, with the heuristic question, a question that is easier to answer.
Often in life we replace target questions with
 heuristic questions.
If you ask me: "Luigia are you happy?" I can't answer you, it's not a simple question at all, and
it takes to me too much time and too much effort of cognitive resources to think about it, but I can answer a heuristic question: "What mood am I in right now?" Yesterday I went to the mountains with some friends, we had fun, it was a good day for which  I answer you: “I'm happy”. 

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