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The image is inspired by the Monty Hall problem.

The Monty Hall Problem is a puzzle game based on the American television program "Let's Make a Deal".

Let's say you're taking a game show and are given a choice of three doors.

Behind one door is a car, behind the other two goats.

Choose a door, say 1, and the host (Monty Hall) who knows what lies behind the doors, opens another door, say 3, where a goat appears. Then it asks you: "Do you want to choose door 2?"

Is it to your advantage to change the choice?

The solution to the problem is in Bayes' Theorem (conditional probability). According to the calculation the competitor should opt for the door proposed by the presenter; in this way, in fact, he would have a 2/3 probability of winning the car, while with the strategy of maintaining the initial choice he would only have a 1/3 probability.

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