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Making a decision is, and always has been,  rather a matter  complex ....


When you are faced with two decisions, toss a coin. Not because it will make the right choice for you, but because the exact moment when the coin is in the air, suddenly you'll know what you're hoping.  (Bob Marley)


Esperar is painful. Esquecer is painful. Mas não saber qual decisão tomar é o pior dos sofrimentos. (Paulo Coelho)


The vaut mieux takes the decisions imparfaites que d'être constamment à la recherche de decisions parfaites qui ne seront jamais trouvées. (Charles de Gaulle)


Ratio rectum consilium vult facere, ira vult consilium illud iam ab initio rectum videatur.

Reason wants to make the right decision, anger wants the decision it has already taken at the start to seem right. (Lucio Anneo Seneca)


Never cut down a tree in winter. Never make a negative decision in moments of despair. Never make the most important decisions when you are in the worst mood. Wait up. (.) (Robert Schuller)


Decisions are often irrational or are based on an imperfect analysis of the consequences of the choice. (Stephen Hawking)


Along the crossroads of your road you meet other lives, knowing them or not knowing them, living them fully or letting them go depends only on the choice you make in a moment; even if you don't know it, between going straight ahead or deviating often your existence is at stake (.) (Susanna Tamaro)

Every time you decide, you lose something, whatever you decide. It's always a question of understanding what it's that you are not willing to lose. (Charlie Brown)



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